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Quality is our Legacy


ZON Generation Ltd. is the operations arm of ZON Engineering Inc. Through a comprehensive O & M (Operations & Management) platform, we optimize and maximize the generation potential of operating solar photovoltaic arrays. We work with our clients to provide an O & M solution that meets their operational needs. We do this by providing tiered services and leveraging the engineering expertise of our sister company, ZON Engineering, to ensure a safe, productive, and reliable system.

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Committed to our Clients

Our satisfied customers include solar developers and utilities, municipalities, school boards, and business owners. We develop fiscally responsive maintenance programs focused on safety, performance, and reliability. We provide our clients with transparent and comprehensive reporting that allows for visibility on current concerns and potential problems before they impact system operation.

Founded in 2017 on the ethics of environmental responsibility, performance, and professional integrity, ZON Generation Ltd. has made a name for itself by remaining true to our founding vision. We take pride in what we do—and client relationships are as important as project outcomes.

Unparalleled in our Field

Our carefully selected team at ZON Generation Ltd. represents a depth of knowledge and skill unparalleled in our field. Our solar energy technicians are highly trained, certified and insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your system is in good hands.

We are defined by our commitment to technical excellence and known for our responsive client care.  

Because of our sincere and unequivocal commitment to both people and the planet, ZON consistently exceeds client and stakeholder expectations. No greenwashing here—we are the real deal.

ZON Generation Ltd.: Quality is our Legacy.

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