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ZON Generation Ltd. offers customized service packages to meet the needs of your system. Using our multi-step approach, we review past performance of the system and compare performance to a calibrated performance model to help determine if the system is performing to expectations and to set benchmarks for performance going forward. The next step includes thorough spring and fall maintenance visits conducted by our qualified field personnel that includes infrared imaging during the spring visit which is reviewed by a certified thermographer to locate any issues that would affect the safety or performance of the system.


After the site visits are completed, our technicians repair and document any identified issues and provide a report for your records.


In addition to our multi-step approach, we offer remote plant monitoring with monthly performance reports as an ongoing review to ensure system health.



The amount of energy your solar PV system generates dictates the amount of revenue you earn. At Zon, we monitor the energy generation and output characteristics of your plant to verify that it is operating as it was designed. Using the existing monitoring system that is installed onsite, we will:

  • Setup, monitor, and respond to alerts and alarms relating to the status of your system

  • Maintain daily system status monitoring

  • Detect and diagnose (where practicable) issues and faults should they arise

  • Monitor energy production performance

  • Monthly Reporting - we will provide you with a monthly report that compares the amount of energy your system generated compared to the energy generation simulated based on local weather and insolation conditions. Using this report, you’ll be able to easily determine if your system is overproducing, under-producing or producing the expected amount of energy.


  • Site Condition Visual Review, including shading (soiling), site security (fencing), safety, monitoring system meteorological sensors, vandalism and debris.

  • Visual review of connections and terminations of conductors, as well as assembly of fittings and joints.

  • Inspect conduit and cables for general condition, signs of heat, cracks, secure attachment.

  • Review of the wire management to ensure that conductors are properly supported and protected.

  • A comprehensive review of the grounding/bonding strategy as per OESC requirements.

  • A review of installed modules and DC 

  • A review of all inverters, all AC equipment (including fuses, disconnects, etc.), and the AC conductors to verify that they conform to the "Issued for Construction" drawings/ documents, and are installed properly.

  • A review of labeling for compliance with the OESC, LDC and Owner requirements. This includes the inverters, disconnects, metering, and switchgear/service entrance labeling.

  • Housekeeping and repairs

  • IV Curve Tracing


Solar Inspection - cropped.gif
  • At peak conditions, after the system has been operating for an adequate length of time, we will carry out infrared thermal scans of all equipment and connections required to ascertain the correct operation of the system. This includes combiner boxes, inverters, AC panelboards, transformers, DC/AC switchgear, metering equipment and POC connections. 

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