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ZON Generation Ltd., focuses on developing high quality solutions, rooted in a pragmatic understanding of the issues as they pertain to solar photovoltaic systems, net-metered solar and renewable energy and sustainability assets. Our company is structured to empower team members to excel within their areas of practice, by fostering a spirit of innovation coupled with a commitment to technical excellence. From this solid platform of both theory and experience, we assist our clients to achieve top of the line projects.

ZON Generation Ltd. (ZGL) provides a range of services direct to systems owners to facilitate the development of construction and the optimization of their renewable energy assets. To meet these requirements, ZON Generation Ltd. has developed a comprehensive and systematic approach to assist our clients in achieving technically excellent projects through project development, construction management, commissioning services, operations & maintenance, and equipment procurement/supply.

When providing project development and construction management services, our professionals lead the project team through an integrated process that actively engages all key stakeholders to share ideas and discuss options, and most importantly, guides the project smoothly from start to finish. Our work frequently involves the evaluation of a wide range of technologies and systems, providing the decision-makers with key information on the viability of the proposed technologies.  This allows for a better opportunity to achieve higher levels of efficiency and durability while minimizing capital costs.

Our quality assurance process ensures that the system owner’s intent, established at the outset of the project, is addressed in the services we provide throughout each project. In addition, our work is supported by intensive field reviews and on-site verification that is carried out by qualified individuals with a wealth of onsite experience.


All documents – i.e., reports, recommendations and documentation - are subject to internal peer review prior to being formally issued.  A number of internal iterations are completed prior to final document submission, all of which address a wide range of design parameters from both an engineering and formatting aspect. This ensures that the issued documents meet the high level of quality that our clients have come to expect from the services we provide.

All commissioning, operations, and maintenance services are performed by qualified technicians, all of which possess extensive knowledge of renewable energy systems and testing procedures. These procedures have been extensively reviewed internally for conformance to industry accepted best-practice protocols, standards, and safety guidelines. All on-site measurement results are peer reviewed.

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